Saving Money in Real Life

Spending money comes so easily until it’s all gone, and you’re wondering where it all went. These are some ways I keep my piggy bank hefty.

   Find a bank with a money management feature.

My bank ( has a nifty thing called money manager that let’s you keep track of alll your bank accounts, spending, and budget. Bam basically tells you when you’re being a crazy spender.

Stop eating out and buy those groceries.

Okay don’t totally stop eating out, but at least do it less. Restaurants are expensive. Groceries are cheap. Do math.

Drink before the bars.

I haven’t quite figured out how bars get away with their prices, but they do. Drink a few before you go out, and avoid the terrible prices. Also meeting new people there to buy you drinks works as well.

Only go shopping when you actually need something.

Window shopping leads to trying on clothes, which leads to falling in love with clothes, which leads to you buying all 15 dresses you tried on. Get another hobby. But if you have to shop, check out a thrift shop!

Think/call before you buy.

Sounds obvi, but use your noodle. Before a big buy I usually call my dad and uncle for advice on whether to buy something or not. They give great 3rd party advice. Most of the time I don’t need what I was looking at, like that Cali king memory foam mattress…apparently not a need.

   Utilize free events.

There are a ton of them, and they might even be fun and/or good dates. fairs, parks, museums, movies, all free occasions to save you money. Just don’t blow all your money on food when you get there.

Buy in advance.

This gives you the chance to be excited for the event for a longer amount of time, and you don’t have to spend all your money at once. That way you can go to the concert AND buy drinks there, but it doesn’t hit your account at the same time. Also things are sometimes cheaper when you buy ahead of time.


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