The other day I attended a seminar on resumes and using them to get your foot in the door with employers. I listened to 3 professionals speak about what they thought were good things to include and the things that should not be mentioned. I have been to manyyy discussions about resumes and had mine looked at by about 30 different people in the business world as references, but here are some things I have learned along the way.

You can never impress everyone, or really anyone for that matter.

Everyone is looking for something different, and no one truly agrees what exactly should be on it. Everytime someone used to look at my resume, I would change everything they told me to. Then the next week I would take it to someone else that absolutely hated it, even though the last person said it would be their perfect resume. No one ever liked what the other person had told me to do.

Represent yourself.

Since you can never impress everyone with your resume, it is my person theory that you should only be aiming to express yourself adequately. Your resume is the chance you have to tell an employer who you are, why not be as accurate and true to yourself as possible.

Stand out.

I don’t mean making your paper a neon color or anything, but if there is something you think is interesting about yourself, use it. Don’t be shy to show the real you, while also showing the skills you have.

Keep things short.

I would say that a page is the perfect length. When I have looked through resumes in the past, I have never looked at a second page. Sorry.

Stop talking about high school.

Unless you have not done ANYTHING in college or after, you should not be talking about high school still. Go get involved in something to keep your resume fresh. Move on from your high school accomplishments, because honestly, no one cares. 🙂

There are obviously more advice tips I could give on the subject (don’t make errors, use headings, etc.), but those are the things that the 3 professionals were telling me. These are the most obvious things when it comes to probably anything, especially gettting a job. Just use your common sense and relax.


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